Saturday, October 27, 2012


This is my second winter in Texas. So far I'm finding the transition considerably rougher. Last year I was coming off a strong 2011 season, filled with wins and goals I had fulfilled. With morale high, the motivation was there. It made finding the momentum to get out the door and train that much easier.

Now, after being continuously battered and shot down for the last 7 months its been tough to pick up the pieces and start rebuilding. I started the season off with a hard hit from a pickup truck. Recovered, rebuilt, then a crash. Back on track once again, then another crash. After a hospital visit, stitches, and 3 weeks of indoor nothingness I rush the training for U23 Nationals, something I'd had my mind set on for over a year...

...Nats isn't something you "rush" the training for. It passes, leaving behind the eye opening truth of how far I still have yet to go to be on that level. A car crash a few weeks later proves to be the icing on the cake for my season of bad luck.

I took a while off and am now back on track towards 2013 but I've got a ways to go. Its a hard sport with a low exchange rate of work to reward. "Lose one thousand, win one." That "one," however, makes it all worth it.