Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Good Morning

The last 2 weeks have been filled with...well, pretty much nothing. I've been resting up as much as possible. Relaxing, playing video games, sleeping in past noon, enjoying time with family, things that most teenagers do.

Today, however, was different. The alarm went off at 7am and I awoke to a dewy, 63 degree morning, got in my car and headed over to Roosevelt Island. After 7 months of cycling, I've been looking forward to getting back to my roots, running. Its that time of year to do some cross-training, and I plan on taking full advantage.

The trails were littered with puddles of water that I didn't hesitate to step in. It was wet and muddy out, but I didn't care at all how dirty I got. I was too caught up in the feeling I get from running, that rare sense of solitude. It was really cool to experience that again.

I finished up, hurting and dirty. I could really feel the affect that the lack of exercise over the last 2 weeks has had on my body. But it was a good hurt, like accomplishing a century ride kinda hurt, or beating someone out in a sprint on a training ride kinda hurt.

Regardless of how good it felt mentally though, the need for stretch and recovery is constant. So I headed home, and jumped in the hot tub for a half hour to warm myself up and let the muscles loosen up before the next part of the process.

Finally, I finished up with a nice 20 minutes of easy stretching, accompanied by 'The Stick.' It was really nice to be active again, to get out there on the trails and get dirty. It was a 'Good Morning' and I'm smiling at the thought that this is going to be my life for the next year, and hopefully beyond that.

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