Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Strava Battle

For a teenager, I'd say I'm pretty behind on the whole internet networking biz. Up until a week ago I had no idea about this whole "Strava" thing, where you can upload your workouts and actually compete with other people that have done the same ride or segment. At first I didn't think much of it, but after uploading my first workout into it yesterday I'm sort of hooked.

Its kind of like a drug, that works pretty much instantly, how long it will last I have no idea but I definitely want more of it, now. And the funny thing is, in order to get more of it, all I need to do is ride my bike, which I love anyway. Now, however, there is even more incentive to spend longer hours on the bike, so that I can visit KOM (King of the Mountain) spots and poach the hell out of them.

If said poaching is successful, this will then spark a competitive fire with those I have beaten, and will cause them to begin riding even more, on the quest to earn the little gold trophy icon engraved with the number "1" as a reminder that they were the fastest Strava user ever to go up this mountain.

Now this all sounds fun and great, but there are people that I like to call "ultimate poachers" out there that everyone needs to watch out for. These guys are ruthless, they feed off the glory of digital awards and bragging rights. They'll do anything, and I mean anything, for these KOM's.

They're a rare breed these guys, and some of them can be even your closest of friends. Rumor has it, their ringleader is the most notorious poacher Strava has ever seen, a man that has no remorse for the dreams he shatters when he logs a KOM. They say he rides to kill, leaving nothing but 2nd places in his path. His Jared Nieters.

These poachers like Nieters need to be stopped, and we as a cycling community can stop them. If we work together we can end the reign of ultimate poaching, and make the land of Strava a happy and peaceful place once again. Understand that not all of you will make it, but your efforts will forever be remembered as you fought for the future of Strava and the fun competitions that are KOM's.

Thank you.
- Darion

On a separate note, I will be racing in NY this weekend on dirt and gravel roads at the Tour of the Battenkill. It will be tough, painful, and hugely fun. As Jared Nieters says, "Seacrest out!"

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