Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fort Ritchie Criterium

A confidence boost is always a good thing, no matter how surprising it may be.

Thats what Fort Ritchie was like for me, a surprising (but much needed) confidence boost. Moral was down after my crash at Ephrata last weekend. So a 2nd place finish to start the weekend off was exactly what I needed.

After the crash I wasn't able to walk, let alone ride my bike. This being said, training wasn't an option for me this week. For weekend races, this is killer. A meager 45min spin before the start left my mentality lacking confidence. My body was saying "no" and my mind was agreeing.

The story was the same throughout the race. Thought after thought of contemplating dropping out and calling it a day didn't make things any better. However, for some reason I kept going, never skipping a beat on moves and positioning. This is what got me to the right spot on that last sharp corner behind my "breakaway partner" Tony Abate.

It was a 200m sprint after that. I was gaining on Tony fast but didn't have enough distance to finish him off before the line. It was a surprising finish. Second. I never would have guessed, going into the race. One thing is for sure. Me and Abate deserved the 1&2 finish after last weekend. Congrats on the win Tony.

Photo Credit: John Clark & Tony Allen-Mills

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