Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Its Just That Kind of Sport.

I've learned a lot from cycling. I've learned to leave as little up to chance as possible. I've learned to prepare down to what kind of shoelaces I'm going to wear on the drive over to a race. I've learned to dissect and evaluate every corner, every piece of gravel, every source of energy I take with me on a ride, every angle of my bike. But until now, I hadn't learned to except the fact that much of this sport really is just left up to luck. Its just that kind of sport.

I was involved in another unfortunate incident during Maryland's prestigious Poolesville Road Race this last Saturday. An accident that left me with a jagged rock sticking painfully out of my right knee.

A hospital visit 2 hours later resulted in three staples, over 10 shots of painkiller, and a jungle of various bandages littered all over my leg. I feel pathetic talking about such a simple injury compared to one of such severity as Stage 3's Gila this year but in my eyes the cause is quite similar. Bad timing and bad luck is what I blame accidents like these on. Not a riders preparation or reaction time or skill. Its the unfortunate luck in life that everyone encounters at some point, some worse than others. Its something that cant be avoided but that should absolutely be ignored, for a happy and vibrant life really isn't possible with the constant stress of worry. Its just something that has to be dealt with as it is dished out.

I've never believed in the "art" of luck and changing someone's chances through ridiculous ritual and belief but, I do however believe in the concept and the idea of "luck." With the crash a couple weekends ago and this one recently, I've come to the realization that I am quite simply having an "unlucky" month. It sucks that things haven't exactly gone my way during these last few weeks but I can be damn thankful that they haven't gone worse. I am alive right?

So, I accept what had happened. I take the hard days of healing as they come and I deal with it. Eventually, I'll get myself back on the bike, where I belong, and begin a whole new series of experiences and lessons.

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