Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Great Rider. An Even Better Friend: Robbie Wade

I've known Robbie for about 3 years now. We met when I first started working at Pacers Running Stores in Clarendon. Robbie is an elite Irish triathlete dedicated to bettering not only himself but others around him as well, he is just that type of person. He's one of the nicest and friendliest guys I've ever known. He is an absolutely BEAST rider as well (I mean every capitalized letter there...) but as the title says, he's an even better guy. If I ever have a problem, either at home or on the bike, he is there for me to call and talk it through with, and for that, he's like a father, a real life hero.

A little while ago Robbie told me he has made the decision to move down to Austin, Texas with his fiancé to give 110% of his focus to Triathlons and building his Professional Career on the bike, in the water and on the trails. I'm really happy for him to be able to make such a life changing (literally) decision like that. It takes a person with an insurmountable amount of strength to leave his friends, home, and job for a dream that I am 100% sure will soon be a reality. For that, he has my utmost respect and support and I can't wait to see him rip it up in Austin and around the world!

Robbie, this was supposed to be a blog about the ride we did today...but screw it. This is what I wanted to write about so there it is. I know I tell you all the time, but I want to let you know one more time that I appreciate everything you have done for me and worked with me through in the last year. I honestly couldn't ask for a better coach, mentor, leader or friend. You're awesome dude!

Oh! Here's the ride if anyone's interested...but who really cares?
MacArthur Ride With RW by darionfleming at Garmin Connect - Details

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