Saturday, March 26, 2011

Walton Park Criterium: First Cat4 Race

Walton Park Criterium @ Garmin Connect

I'm happy to say my first Cat4 race ever turned out to be a win. Better yet, I won it honorably. No drafting, no sitting back waiting for a field sprint, no feeding off other guys' work. I pulled away from the peloton only 4 laps into the 25 lap race and it turned out to be the right move to make.

I was by myself for nearly the whole race, initially gapping at about 20 seconds, then building that lead up to 45 seconds by the end of the race. It was an awesome win and I am really happy about the result. Its also nice to get my first 7 points towards catting up to 3, and snatching some extra cash.

I'd like to thank the two teammates I had in the race as well, Matt White and Patrick Nagler. They were at the front of the peloton the whole time I was away, covering attacks and making sure my lead stuck. Thanks guys! We made HAYMARKET BICYCLES proud.

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