Sunday, December 12, 2010

Day 1: On The Stationery

I got home from work @ Pacers Running Stores in Logan Circle, D.C. at around 6pm. I had to get an easy workout in to recover from yesterday's hard 50 mile DC Velo Pro Ride with an 18.8mph average speed, 3 huge climbs, and 2 sprints. I decided I'd get on the stationery as well as do some Ab and Upper body weight work.

The workout consisted of a 20 minute ride on the trainer with the first 10 minutes at warm up pace, and the last 10 minutes split up into 2 min. as hard as possible, then 2 min. relaxed pace, then 2 min. as hard as possible, etc. repeated for the full 10 minutes so as to get 3 100% effort intervals in.

Then immediately after the 20 minute ride I did a strength circuit consisting of 3 Sets of 50 crunches, 15 pushups, 10 extended leg raises, 20 tricep curls (10 on each arm) w/ 15 pound weights, a 30 second leg raise hold, and 20 regular curls to finish it off (10 on each arm) w/ 15 pound weights. This 3 set circuit with 6 exercises was done as fast and efficiently as possible with no break whatsoever.

After the circuit was finished I got right back on the bike for a 20 minute cool down. The first 10 minutes was a progressive build from the lowest gear in the small ring to the highest gear in the small ring. The last 10 minutes was at an easy and relaxed pace to finish up the workout.

This workout went extremely well with no flaw, no pain (injury wise), and was completed very efficiently within about 1 hour and 15 minutes. My body feels good, my legs feel strong and fresh, and its time for dinner.

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