Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Day 11: Sickness Gone!

Well, I'm no longer sick and went into school for the last day before Winter Break. After school let out I went home, prepped my bike, and took off on a 6 mile ride into DC too see Robbie Wade at Pacers Running Stores in Logan Circle. I took the ride there quite quickly at an average of around 19-20 mph. It felt good to get back on the bike. I was so happy to get on that I completely forgot about my leg injury from Saturday. After spending an hour or so at Pacers talking things over with Robbie and getting my 2011 USA Cycling License I rode home not even thinking about my leg and how badly it hurt on Saturday. 10 minutes after getting back on the bike I felt the pain in my left leg and it was there for the rest of the ride but thankfully I did end up getting back home ok. Then again it was only about 4 miles, compared to the 13.5 I had to do on Saturday...

I feel that it is time to start working out again, not on the bike though. Not until I get this leg thing figured out and also workout why my toes are continuing to get so numb, even with plenty of cold protection gear. As far as cycling goes for me right now, I think it is time to get re-fit on my bike and figure out whats making my body hurt.

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