Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Day 17: Run + Weight Training

I woke up the morning not feeling all that great, and with a really stuffy nose where I could barely breathe out of it. Thankfully, it went away within about a half hour of getting up, which is unusual for me. After recovering from the tiny bit of morning sickness and getting some food in me I took off for about a 2.5 run to the gym where I was going to be working out. The run took me around 20 minutes or so because I had a fairly heavy backpack on (which I really do not recommend…ever.) So, obviously the run was pretty slow and relaxed, not very hard at all, except for the stupid backpack but it was a good warm-up before the gym.

At the gym I focused on maintaining a relaxed but difficult circuit of exercises. I went from abdominal work (regular crunches, planks, extended leg raises, and cherry pickers) to arm strengthening (20lbs curls, and tricept-curls) and then to some leg strengthening (leg press with about 160pbs of weight.) I did a lot of each of these exercises with anywhere from 10-20 reps for each set. I did at leas 3 sets for each for the exercises and I really didn’t do the exercises in any particular order at all. Whenever I felt comfortable enough to move onto the next exercise then I did.

I’m glad I got myself out to do this even though I really wasn’t feeling 100%. I really hope I don’t have sickness coming back, especially not on my vacation. But, if that’s the case then I’ll just have to deal with it. What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger. We’ll have to see how the week goes on.

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