Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Day 4: One Cold Run

Today was a run. You can start to see the pattern, I got on the bike on Sunday, then ran the next day, then rode, now I'm running. I've been taught to train like that, mixing it up. It relieves the pain in the muscles that you get from the day before. If you ran the day before, different muscles will be sore or hurting because of strain. Cycling the day after that run gives those run-specific muscles a break and puts strain on different, cycle-oriented, muscles. So, let me tell you what I did.

I was a bit pressed for time today to get any type of workout in, and unfortunately I wasn't able to do any arm or abdominal strengthening. Staying after a bit at school and having to take my bike over to Spokes Etc. for a check-up and a re-fit got me home and ready to workout at around 5:30, when it is quite dark out.

I managed to get a 3.8 mile run in, despite the 32 Degree F weather. I really wasn't going for any specific pace. I was more focused on my Left Foot where my Plantar has been bothering me on and off for the last month. I felt it throughout the whole run but I finished and never stopped, which is always good. Turns out the pace I kept was actually quite quick, with an average mile pace of 6:43 and a total run time of 25:36. There were a few decent sized hills on this route too, definitely nothing to turn your nose up at.

Overall, I'm definitely satisfied with this run, not too happy with myself about not being able to get a circuit exercise in with any arm or abdominal work but it was a busy day. Tonight my foot feels fine walking around the house, after giving it a rest and using the lacrosse ball to massage it. I definitely feel ready for tomorrow's ride, hopefully the weather is ready for me.

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