Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 53: Garmin Edge 500 Test Ride

Today was my first ride outdoors in about 12 days, since the Haymarket ride two Sundays ago. And it felt great to be back on the bike outside! This was also my first ride with my new Garmin Edge 500 and I'm just now getting comfortable with using it. I uploaded the ride on the Garmin site as well. I hope that the link below works. It should take you to the layout/stats of my workout. Although I wouldn't call today's ride a workout at all, it was a very easy ride just running errands around town and seeing Robbie/talking with him about the upcoming season with Snapple. Again, I hope it works! Enjoy!

Errands Ride. by darionfleming at Garmin Connect - Details

P.S. -- All of my stats are done in Metric Measurements because Kirk, my Trainer told me that if I'm going to race in Europe, which I plan on doing, then I might as well get used to the Metric System now. So, my apologies if it is at all confusing to any of you. : /

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