Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 61: Pre-Race Ride With Some Extra Carbon

Tomorrow is my first road cycling race ever, Wolfpack Classic, in North Carolina. Today was spent packing for the 2 day trip, and prepping my bike. And a lot of prep there was thanks to my very good friend Filagot Dinku and the Spokes Etc. Bike Shop. A full disassembly of the bike was done, every part was cleaned and greased, the chain and crank were cleaned and oiled, the shifting was adjusted to perfection and my favorite part, Steve Beheler's wheels were installed! Steve is the manager @ Spokes and he's one of the nicest and unselfish guys that I know, he agreed to let me ride on his "never-used" Bontrager Aeolus 5.0 Clincher Wheelset. So the break pads were switched out to cork and the crank was switched up. Heres what the finished product looks like (Its quite sick...)

After we finished with the bike, I met up with Robbie to get a feel for the new wheels. They're SICK! Bontrager does amazing things! Truly. I didn't log the ride on my Garmin because it was very short with a few climbs and a little Flat Tempo/Sprint at the end to test the speed on the new wheels. It was a fun day but its time to get in the car and start the 6 hour drive...Kill me now.

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