Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day 60: Short Hill Loop + Strength Training

I managed to fit in a short 30 minute ride with Bryan Jones who rides for NCVC before my 45 minute Personal Trainer Session. It was just for the meet and greet because I am going to be traveling down to NC with him to do my first race. We did a short hill climb route around 5k long thats right by my house. It was easy and again wasn't really about the ride, just the meet. But, it did get me warmed up quite well for the Training Session.

The Session was different then usual, there was very little arm work and leg work. I told Steve before we started while I was stretching that I really didn't want to use arms and legs at all. I wanted to focus 100% on core. I've found my arm strength is above adequate for cycling and my legs are worked a lot on the bike and the road when I am running anyways. My core on the other hand, needs a bit of work. There is still some fat there that I don't want and it needs strengthening. So, everything went well, it was extremely hard but I did feel good and I am very happy with the workout. Till' tomorrow!

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