Sunday, February 20, 2011

BMW Performance Center Criterium Race

BMW Performance Center Criterium by darionfleming at Garmin Connect - Details

The 3rd race of the season. It was less of a disappointment than yesterday's. I came in 6th today in a full out sprint. I was pretty annoyed with the way it ended because I planned on breaking away with 2 laps to go. But when I came around the last bend when I thought there was only 2 laps left, I stood up and began to break away, but everyone came with me which I was surprised about, until I heard the bell for the final lap. I had miscounted the number of laps we had left. It was a fatal mistake and it cost me the race. luckily I was able to hold on well enough to place top 10. Still a bit of a let down though, but everything is a learning experience for me right now, and this is the time to make mistakes more than ever.

After the race I went for a little cooldown ride around the track and on some of the country roads with a few nice, hard, long climbs. It was fun and felt good. Here's how it went down.

Post Race Easy Ride by darionfleming at Garmin Connect - Details

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