Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 24: Feeling A Little Better

I'm feeling better today, to an extent. I don't really see much improvement with my cough and my head still hurts a little bit. But my nose is clearing up so I guess thats one good thing to look at. I really hope to train tomorrow but wether I do or not will be based on what the doctor says about my illness at my appointment tomorrow. Already I can't wait to clip back into the Trek and get some time in alone with the bike. I think I really am in love with it. I've got an important ride on Sunday that I want to be as ready as possible for because there is a rider there that I'd like to make a good impression on. His name is Joe Dombrowski and he is part of the Trek Livestrong U23 Team as of the 2011 roster. I'll do my best with the training this week and take it kind of relaxed. I don't want to push myself right back into fatigue from a bad immune system.

My goal over the next month and a half (when I begin racing with Snapple and Robbie Wade) is to get myself in the best shape possible but still have energy when I go out everyday, to not be completely fatigued after every workout. I want to be feeling good, both about my workouts, and about the amount of energy I have in my body. Lets see what happens tomorrow.

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