Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day 39: The Most Hectic Training Day Ever!

Ok. So, I got on the bike from my house at 1:30 sharp. I got a flat on the back tire at 1:56 sharp. I had done a little over 6 miles at that point and was very excited about the rest of the ride. I'm not smart enough to have a spare tube or a pump so I had to wait for my Dad to pick me up 15 minutes away from our house. After he picked me up I took the bike over to Spokes and had them put another tube in and get me set to go back out and ride. I left Spokes at 2:45 and got onto Route 66 to go towards MacArthur Boulevard (my original ride destination). Before I got onto 66 though I saw the exit towards Hains Point at Potomac Park. I decided to take it.

The bright green line is the popular route that I rode.

I got to Hains Point at 3:00 sharp. For those who dont know, Hains Point is a popular 3.1 mile flat scenic circuit that loops around Potomac Golf Course/Park. I hurriedly set my bike up and got on at exactly 3:10. I ended up doing 10 laps of the circuit (31 miles) finishing at 4:44 sharp. Adding the other 6 miles from before onto that and the other 26 minutes. My ride was exactly 2 hours long (coincidentally) and 37-38 miles long. A good ride, a hectic day.

Here's what most of the loop looks the Spring that is...

I felt strong for most of this but I didn't do it at a very fast pace at all, I was never really trying to hammer it and kill myself. I took it relaxed, which was definitely smart because I could feel some fatigue in my legs for sure. I plan on taking tomorrow off and resting up for the long weekend of riding that I have in store for me.


  1. Now you may listen to me and get a saddle bag! and bring a pump.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. Hahha, yaa maybe. I dont want my bike to start making the same noises as yours though hahaha.

    Thanks mate