Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day 41: A Disappointing Day. A Bright Tomorrow

As the title says, today was quite a disappointment. I got up at 9am, got dressed, had some breakfast, packed my things into the car, and set out to Robbie's house to catch the DC Velo 10am ride. Its about 7 miles out from Rob's to the meeting point for the ride. I took it out relaxed because I expected to be riding with the group for about 50 miles. Unfortunately, they never showed, no one ever showed actually, I didn't see a single cyclist out on the road for the whole time.

I've gotten to the point where I will ride in any weather no matter how cold it is, and I didn't realize that it was 22 Degrees today...No wonder no one showed! Anyways, after about 20 minutes of waiting and getting very cold, I called it quits and decided riding by myself in extremely windy and cold conditions certainty wasn't going to make me happy, and probably wasn't going to be beneficial at all. I rode the 7 miles back at a good pace. So, 14 miles today...I guess its a good warmup for tomorrow's Haymarket Winter Bike League Ride thats going to probably be extremely tough. Let's see what happens...

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