Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day 33: Hill Ride With Wade

Thinking of today's title made me laugh because it sounds like a really cheesy old Western movie or something that would be in black and white. Or maybe its just me...Anyways, I woke up today feeling fresh but not having any clue as to what I was going to do for training today. So, I gave Robbie a call and asked him if he wanted to meet me in Arlington for a moderately hard hill workout. Immediately he jumped on it and said "Yes!"

So, we met at his house where we went off into the neighborhoods of Arlington around Washington-Lee and Yorktown High School where there are many short but very steep hill climbs. We rode for an hour and 20 minutes for about 20 miles. I maxed a speed of 34.7mph and averaged 16 for the whole ride which I was pretty happy with due to the volume of hills we did. I'd say 35 minutes of the ride was straight up climbing on some 10% gradient hills that averaged out at about 3% total.

The ride was quick, both speed wise and time wise, and I felt good the whole time. Robbie had done an 11mi run right before it so he was pretty tired. I was able to drop him on a few of the climbs. I stayed in the big ring as much as I could which was most of the time and I stay seated basically the entire time to maximize my effort. Good ride. I'm thinking about taking tomorrow off to get ready for Saturday's DC Velo ride. We'll see what happens.

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