Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day 35: A Surprisingly Fast Run

My legs really weren't sore or fatigued at all when I woke up today. Even with how hard I rode yesterday. I woke up pretty late and didn't feel like prepping my bike and my biking clothes for a ride so I decided to do a run. I haven't run in a while. I think since I was in Ireland, anyways I knew it had been a while and I really didn't expect to do too well or go to fast.

I decided I would do a 6 mile run. 3 miles out on Mt. Vernon Trail, take a short break to stretch, then 3 miles back at roughly the same pace. I didn't plan on going at a very fast pace but it turned out I did. I did the first 3 mile in 18:32 which is about 6:10 per mile, which is really quite fast. I took a 3 minute stretch break and started up again at what felt like the same pace, but I wasn't very tired which was weird. I really started to die after the 1.5 mile mark back. It felt like I was in almost a full out sprint for the last quarter mile. I finished the 2nd 3 mile in 18:48 which is a bit slower but still extremely fast.

I'm hurting from it now later on tonight and I'm thinking about taking tomorrow off even though I have a ride set up with a rider from the Computrainer Race a couple weeks ago. I'll see how I feel in the morning.

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